CATV Erie Channel 1021

Empowering Community Voices and Visions

CATV Erie Channel 1021

We are the public access television channel, Channel 1021 on Spectrum in the City of Erie, Pennsylvania.
As a nonprofit corporation, we are designated by the City of Erie to receive the funds and manage the channel provided by Spectrum in its franchise agreement with the City.

Anyone who lives or works or belongs to an organization based in the City of Erie can sign up to become a member by attending one of our new member orientations.
Learn how to produce your own programming and air your show right here on Channel 1021!

Our vision is to empower community voices and visions. Let us empower you!

* Please note, the online schedule is not finalized until the Friday before the following weeks scheduled air times.
If you check the schedule before Friday, you may not get the most up to date following weeks schedule.
For most up to date schedule please check each Friday after 4:30pm.